Beautiful Art of Softening Women’s Retreat, 1.-7.06.2023
1. 6. 2023


Nurturing softness for women is one of our most important feminine qualities.

When we step into our softness we are opening our doors to love, acceptance, openness and caring. We then can get to feel our full power and strength, and to feel at peace.

Our feminine yin energy stands for softness, flow, surrender, patience, feeling, caring, compassion and ‘being’.

When that energy is out of balance, it can express itself in focusing on domination and competition, operating alone, being hard, in fear, uncertainty, harshness, false modesty, being busy, being in rush all the time, not standing in your own power, trying to have control over everything, pushing yourself to exhaustion, putting productivity over quality of life, not feeling feminine…

In our society we have learned very early on that being soft ( feminine ) means being weak.  Because of that, so many of us have abandoned our softness and replaced it with being cool, strong and independent.

Emotional trauma has caused us to protect ourselves from the pain by trying to be tough.

Unfortunately our efforts to shield ourselves from pain and avoid to expose ourselves causes more harm than good by hardening our hearts and making us harsh.

In our seven day retreat we will re-learn and practice to just Be, to slow down, to get back to our natural intuition, our receptive, emotionally balanced gentle loving energy, our tender power, cultivating softness, gentleness, ease, openness, trust, love and compassion towards ourselves and others.

We’ll examine and heal our resistance to being female on the spiritual, mental, physical and societal level.

We’ll be sharing our stories, experiences and our lessons.

We’ll be diving deep into our core wounds which have stolen so much of our natural feminine softness and tenderness.

We’ll practice to receive, letting go of control and showing our vulnerability.

We will allow ourselves to create, connect and collaborate with other women.

We’ll explore our sensualities, embrace our bodies, listen to our emotions and get in touch with our intuition.

We’ll be questioning, challenging, exploring and healing our thoughts, actions, ideas,( limiting ) beliefs and feelings towards womanhood and also towards other prominent female figures in our family and our culture.

We will be accessing, allowing, expressing, releasing and healing our negative emotions and limiting beliefs relative to anything we identify as female.

We’ll do tailor made meditations aimed specifically to help us reconnect with our softness, gentleness and tenderness.

Organiser, facilitator and host of the retreat is Angelica Horvatić .